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What technology is InterFin AML based on?

Modern Web Technology

Legacy systems are just that, an old legacy. InterFin AML is a web based application, with a familiar look and feel. It uses the latest in HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript.

SOAP Web Services

We allow for interoperability with InterFin AML screening service through a set of SOAP Web Services that allows third party systems to use our screening service. Other core InterFin AML processes can also be exposed through this process.


Our application is built on top of the Microsoft .Net Framework and runs best on Windows. The application can be run on Linux, but it is not encouraged.

Microsoft SQL Server Database

Being a core .Net product, we do run on top of SQL Server. If your company uses another database without the ability to use SQL Server, we can work to accommodate this.

IIS 7.5 or Higher

Our application is designed to run on IIS. However, if you use for instance some variant of APACHE as your web server, we can install there.

Windows Server 2008 or Higher

This is starting to becoming a theme right? Though our application is designed to run on a Windows Server, if Linux is your choice, we can customize to meet your specifications.